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Louis’ Mom is straight from Portugal, and so it was a natural for Jane and Louis to begin owning and breeding Portuguese Water Dogs. Those Porties that stay on the farm are the lucky ones; Porties are a working breed, so they want to be busy and working all day. With a farm and Jane and Louis to look after, they are much luckier than those who stay in a house all day waiting for their folks to arrive home. These exceptionally bright and enthusiastic dogs always do best when they have a job!

We don’t have any now but, very occasionally, Jane or her sister Margaret has a litter of puppies for sale. You may be lucky enough to see the adorable puppies when you visit the Farm or the Maze. To learn more about the Portuguese Water Dog, CLICK HERE

Eskie’s foundation bitch, Eskie’s Carra Linda, was a Farmion bitch. She was a Ch. Rebento Don Carlos daughter. His call name was Seabee; he was one of the breed’s top winning and top producing sires. He was bred by Dyanne Miller, the Grande Dam of the breed in this country. She worked much of her life to bring the breed back from near extinction. Carra Linda’s dam was Ch. Farmion Sereia De Rochemar, an influential producer of many champions with the superb temperament we maintain in our breeding stock.

Seabee was a grandson of Ch. Charlie De Alvalade, known to all who admired and loved him as Charlie Brown. He was the Great Ambassador for the breed, being the first Best In Show winning Portie. He was presented to the Dog Fancy at a time when the breed was but little known. He was shown by the beloved dog show handler and Portuguese Water Dog breeder, Bill Trainor.

Our beloved Carra Linda was bred to Ch. Pennrico Azul Marino, “Jay”, and produced 3 champions from her first litter. They are Ch. Eskie’s Reel Life Amigo (“Amigo”), Ch. Eskie’s Reel Life Cece’s Jocko (“Peri”), and Ch. Eskie’s Gema of Lakeshore (“Gema”).

More recent Eskie’s Champions include Ch. Eskie’s Sonrisa Al Mar (“Risa”), Ch. Eskie’s It’s All About Me (“Diva”). These beautiful Porties are in the direct line of our first litter from Carra Linda and Jay.

When Jane and Louis brought their first Portuguese Water Dog puppy home, Louis’ mother took one look and in Portuguese said “Oh! What a pretty face!” And so the little girl’s name became Cara Linda or Pretty Face. She’s become the Grande-Dame of the Eskies line and has whelped wonderful and gorgeous puppies. In 2002, her great-grandson ‘Chaco’ won Best of Breed at Westminster – a real thrill for all of us! Most of all, Cara Linda’s loving personality has bred true in her puppies, and those lucky enough to own a puppy down line from her have a companion that will be a friend and love to them always.

Menina and puppies.

Faial was a handsome boy who was Cara Linda’s son and an uncle to Menina and Cavalo (shown below). So long as he had another dog to play with, puppies to romp around with, or was in the car with Jane riding around the countryside visiting farms all day, he was happy. He passed away recently at the wonderful age of 16, Jane’s constant companion to the end.

Querida is Menina’s daughter sired by Levi

Menina is a beautiful female with a personality as sweet as her face is pretty. She was a wonderful mother and has been a doting grandmother, to the point of sometime pushing her daughter Querida out of the way so she could check Querida’s puppies.

Menina and Cavalo are out of Amiga. They love being a part of anything going on and checking out anyone who might be harboring biscuits in their pockets!